Updated post November 20, 2023 Thanks to all who came out to support us! From original post… Join Us November 12th at 2:00pm Join us for an afternoon of adult beverages – a portion of the sales for the day will benefit our upcoming 2023 season […]
Join Us For A Drink! Sunday, November 12 from 2 – 5pm Marty’s Martini bar is a great friend to the theatre scene, and Chicago non-profits in general. They offer a ‘tab-share’ for charity partner groups on select Sundays.  A portion of whatever the bar tab […]
Celebrate and socialize with the artists, supporters and fans of Proboscis Theatre Company. Share in the inspirations and creative electricity that drives these talented theatre makers! There will be games, music, prizes, special drinks and SNACKS!! Help make the Ol’Factory Festival a Chicago mainstay and keep […]
Multimedia Immersive Experience. Hold my hand through the chaotic hellscape of the Dwizzle universe. Accepting of everyone EXCEPT: normies, jocks, and preps. Get ready to be triggered. Schedule Both performances begin at 6:30pm. All performances are at Redtwist Theatre, 1044 W Bryn Mawr Ave. Blocks from […]
Words from a Cuban Father is a one-woman show created and performed by Actor/writer/movement artist Alina Ceñal. Mambo, carnival, revolution, my father and Fidel, Miami, hotdogs, drag queens, the circus, Hollywood, music and dance highlight Cenal’s bilingual experience of being yanked from her native Cuba as […]
Conceived by James Donlon, Karen Hoyer and Proboscis company member Michael Dias, the Mime Radio Show podcast was launched as an opportunity to interview notable performers and teachers in The Mime World. It’s a chance to create an archive of inspiring lives, but more importantly, it’s […]
Prospero’s Black Box explores the absurd connection between Shakespeare’s Prospero and Google’s Geoffrey Hinton as they wrestle with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.  A Black Box is an algorithm that is so complicated that even its creators don’t understand how it works. In […]
Master American Mime and Movement Artist takes us on a journey through rhythms and musical storytelling. James Donlon has performed his celebrated original mime work in Europe, North America and Latin America since 1970. The New York Times describes his shows as “An extraordinary blend of […]
Tempest - white light
Proboscis’ new adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic. Eight women find themselves on a metaphorical desert island and discover that Prospero doesn’t exist. This highly interactive yet intimate production synthesizes great poetic language, engrossing drama, and virtuosic physical storytelling into an entertaining and achingly beautiful performance. Schedule All performances […]
Master teacher James Donlon guides students through aspects of his ingenious and original training method based in the great world theater traditions of physical expression, Neo-classic clown and mime. Donlon creates a safe place where students explore dramatic structure, and how to discover characters that can […]
Announcing our Fall FUNdraisers! Why support Proboscis? Greece Summer Acting Intensive participants, July 2023 In Person Events in Chicago Proboscis Crashes The Market (The Farmer’s Market That Is!) September 17th Pop-Up Shakespeare – The Tempest October (Exact Date TBA) Martinis that Matter November 12, 2023 Online […]