about us

“…the nose is nosy. It probes and searches. Sometimes it’s a red nose! The elephant uses its proboscis for just about everything. The mosquito uses it for nourishment…”

Founded in 2010 by Jeff Mills, Proboscis creates a theatrical world that is physically daring, dramatically gripping and visually gorgeous. Our multidisciplinary approach mixes masks, puppets, live music, circus and clowning with traditional dramatic acting styles. Most of our work is original and devised by the ensemble but we also love Shakespeare, the Greeks, Beckett and plays from around the world. Our mission is to provoke imaginative collaboration between audience and artist. Together we create an unforgettable theatrical experience that is transformational for everyone in attendance!

new theatre movement

we believe in:

social justice, giving voice to unheard stories that need to be told with women, people of color, and lgbtqia+ main characters;

community outreach, by giving back and fostering our communities;

new development, both playwriting and fostering talent in traditionally underserved communities.