the queens of infinite space

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We are proud to present our workshop production of THE QUEENS OF INFINITE SPACE. This saucy Proboscis Theatre original work intertwines the relationships of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, Queen Anne, and Shakespeare (portrayed by Tia Pinson); it explores what it means to be an outcast to society, “but to thine own self be true”; laced with humor and sex, comedy and tragedy, it will undoubtedly crack wide open the universe contained both outside of ourselves, and within.

production summary

This is Proboscis Theare Company’s third Chicago Production and the first to be devised by an “All-Chicago” ensemble of actors.

THE QUEENS OF INFINITE SPACE follows William Shakespeare (Tia Pinson) as they attempt to write their next masterpiece in the wake of a massive public health crisis. It’s 1603, the Bubonic Plague is waning, the Globe Theatre is set to reopen and Shakespeare is hungry to produce their new social justice drama… but everyone just wants Hamlet! 

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Want to have a star named after you in the play? An improvised poem read to you? Or even a selfie with the stars? All perks for early donators!

links hall

We are proud to partner with Links Hall to present our workshop production of Queens of Infinite Space. 

new development

playwriting, artistic development, and community outreach


we are working on original plays, with new stylistic elements. we want to capture the zeitgeist of the moment. our vision is to create pieces which don’t just leave an impact, but help to foster real and lasting change for the betterment of our city and society.

artistic development

we work with local chicago theatre actors, including those who are traditionally under-represented. we believe that all people should have a voice, and we want to empower people of color, women, and lgbtqia+ individuals to be able to bring their stories to life.

community outreach

we are involved in our communities, and we believe in promoting outreach. we’re always looking for the next opportunity to give back to the community. let’s work together in order to promote a more just and equitable society, starting right here in our own neighborhoods.