Celebrate and socialize with the artists, supporters and fans of Proboscis Theatre Company. Share in the […]
Multimedia Immersive Experience. Hold my hand through the chaotic hellscape of the Dwizzle universe. Accepting of […]
Words from a Cuban Father is a one-woman show created and performed by Actor/writer/movement artist Alina […]
Conceived by James Donlon, Karen Hoyer and Proboscis company member Michael Dias, the Mime Radio Show […]
Prospero’s Black Box explores the absurd connection between Shakespeare’s Prospero and Google’s Geoffrey Hinton as they […]
Master American Mime and Movement Artist takes us on a journey through rhythms and musical storytelling. […]
Tempest - white light
Proboscis’ new adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic. Eight women find themselves on a metaphorical desert island and […]
Master teacher James Donlon guides students through aspects of his ingenious and original training method based […]